Committee on Education, Training and CPD


Committee on Education, Training and CPD

Welcome to the web page of Committee on Education, Training and CPD Chairman

CA. Gupta Atul Kumar, FCA ICAI India

To direct efforts on ensuring that standards of Education, Examination, Training & CPD within the region meet the acceptable benchmarks internationally and, the changing market requirements.
To facilitate SAFA members to:

1) Education:

  • Integrate and establish harmony with syllabus in the Schools & University education in the Region.
  • Bring the Education curriculum relevant to their respective fields of
  • specialization in line with International Education Standards issued by IFAC.
  • Ensure that academic process of study focus on the development of competence meeting with the requirements and expectations from the accountancy profession in a dynamic context.
  • Pooling of resources in the SAFA region for being used in learning programmes for dissemination of professional education.
  • Bringing harmony in the standards and quality of education imparted by the member bodies in the region.

2) Examinations

  • Facilitate an objective review of the quality and integrity of the examination system and examination evaluation process of the Member Bodies.
  • Facilitate the development of common guidelines for examination systems and processes including grading, using the state of art technology and ensuring acceptable level of transparency.

3) Training

  • Facilitate the review and implementation of training formats to ensure that the training imparted to the students is relevant to the market demands, and the competencies expected from professional accountants.
  • Ensure that the level of education and experience provided to the students fulfills the requirements of the User Role of IT.

4) Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

  • Pool resources in the SAFA region for making available to member bodies for imparting best available CPE in cost effective manner and by using the State of Art Technology
  • Evolve system that would facilitate imparting CPE to Members according to their needs, and the expectation of the market.
  • Develop common guidelines on CPE as minimum benchmark within the region with a view to giving reasonable level of assurance to the society that the members continue to have desired level of competence and values.
  • Review that the member bodies do have a system for imparting the CPE, in line with common guidelines