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Committee on Professional Ethics and Independence

Welcome to the web page of Committee on Professional Ethics and Independence Chairman

Mr. Adeeb Hossain Khan FCA


To ensure that the ethical standards for professional accountants of the South Asian region meet the acceptable benchmarks internationally, and at the same cater to the unique requirements of the region, thereby enhancing the quality and consistency of services provided by professional accountants throughout the region and strengthening public confidence in the accounting profession of the region.

  1. To facilitate the communication and sharing of information among the SAFA member bodies on the actions taken for adoption/development of, and compliance with, the ethical standards.
  2. To facilitate interaction with the SAFA member bodies to widen the thought process and facilitate convergence or harmonization ofethical standards within the region.
  3. To interact with the SAFA Committee on Education, Training and CPD for covering Ethics throughout the education curriculum of the SAFA member bodies so that the students’ knowledge and abilities are adequately developed to cope with ethical dilemmas.
  4. To identify topical issues of ethical dilemmas that need to be addressed in view of changes in the global scenario, under the code of ethics of SAFA member bodies and develop guidance on these issues.
  5. To raise awareness as to how the ethical requirements can be better complied with in the region.
  6. To set up a mechanism to respond to request for comments on ethical standards for professional accountants from IESBA, IFAC and other standard setting bodies.
  7. To formulate an annual/long-term work plan and prepare an annual report for consideration by the SAFA Board