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Committee on Governmental and Public Sector Enterprises Accounting

Welcome to the web page of Committee on Governmental and Public Sector Enterprises Accounting Chairman

Mr. Zia Ul Mustafa, ICMA Pakistan

  1. Study of in-place Government/ Public Sector Accounting & Accountability Systems in the SAFA member countries of SAARC. 
  2. Study of Existing Accounting Frameworks within the Governments/ Provincial Governments/ City Governments/ Local Bodies/ PSEs of SAFA member countries of SAARC.
  3. To make recommendations for adoptability of Cash-Basis Accounting Standard issued by IPSAS in the first-phase for the Governments following Cash-Basis Accounting. 
  4. To create awareness and highlighting the significance of Accrual-Based Accounting System for Governments & PSEs viz-a-viz recognition of assets, recording of liabilities, revenues & expenses and aspects of accountability & transparency. This would also include holding of seminars & conferences from the forum of SAFA.
  5. To outline a plan for shifting of Cash-Basis Accounting System to Accrual-Based Accounting and development of guidelines & checklist for conversion from Cash-Basis to Accrual-Basis Accounting by benefiting from the experience of the countries that have already adopted Accrual-Based Accounting System. 
  6. To make recommendations covering phase-wise program for implementation of Accrual-Based Accounting System by the SAFA member countries of SAARC. 
  7. To work closely with the Departments of Controller General of Accounts to promote Accrual-Based Accounting System within the Governments/PSEs of the SAFA countries.
  8. To make recommendations for adoption of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) by the Governments/PSEs in the SAFA countries.
  9. To review and comment exposure drafts issued by IPSASB.